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【a8体育直播吧】Five months after its historic split, HP Inc, maker of printers and PCs, is hoping to take on Apple in the laptop market as it searches for fresh sources of growth. 在经历了历史性的合并5个月后,正在找寻新的快速增长源的打印机和个人电脑(PC)制造商惠普公司(HP Inc)期望在笔记本电脑市场叫板苹果(Apple)。 Dion Weisler, chief executive, told the Financial Times that focusing on new premium products was one of his priorities. 惠普首席执行官戴恩韦斯勒(Dion Weisler)向英国《金融时报》回应,探讨于新款高端产品是他优先考虑到的事项之一。 “I think we are pretty effective with building a premium line to take on share in Apple’s traditional space,” he said, pointing to HP’s newest laptops. “Over the last five to six years, we weren’t doing enough at the high end.” “我想要我们在打造出高端产品线、夺回苹果传统地盘的市场份额上非常有效地,”他在谈及惠普最新款笔记本电脑时回应,“过去五、六年,我们在高端市场做到得过于。” While the global PC market has been shrinking since 2013, Apple has bucked the trend and seen sales of its MacBook increase a trend that HP wants to emulate. 尽管全球PC市场自2013年以来大大大跌,但是苹果逆势而上,构建MacBook销量快速增长这正是惠普期望效仿的趋势。

HP, the world’s second largest PC maker by shipments after Chinese rival Lenovo, faces a challenging outlook, with the company planning to make about 6 per cent of its 50,000 staff redundant this year. 按出货量计算出来,惠普是次于中国竞争对手误解(Lenovo)的全球第二大PC制造商。该公司面对着极富挑战的前景,计划今年削减其5万员工的6%。


The company relies on PC sales for two-thirds of its revenue. Mr Weisler said he believes the decline in the PC market “will moderate over time”, but did not know exactly when an uptick would occur. 该公司三分之二的营收要倚赖PC销售。韦斯勒称之为,他坚信PC市场的下降趋势“将随着时间的流逝而渐渐放缓”,但是不告诉何时才能止跌回升。

Analysts at Credit Suisse forecast that HP’s PC sales will fall 9 per cent this year. 瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师预计,今年惠普的PC销量将下降9%。 Another challenge has been the strong dollar and the weak yen, which gives Japanese competitors a big cost advantage. “We accept that it is the new normal,” Mr Weisler said, adding that HP’s response had been to cut costs. These measures have included accelerating the pace of lay-offs. 惠普面对的另一个挑战是美元走强、日元低迷,这使得日本竞争者享有了较小的成本优势。“我们早已拒绝接受了这个新的常态,”韦斯勒称之为,并补足称之为惠普的对策是缩减成本。




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